Victoria Beach 08.07.17

Victoria Beach 1

Today we went to Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach. My cousins and Aunt from Lake Elsinore drove ‘over the hill’ to come with me. And let me just tell you, we had a blast!

Victoria Beach 2


To the right are the hooligans.

First we have Daran, the 12 year-old dab-er. I’ve been his favorite cousin since he was a baby and he’s always been my little bud. Even though he’s getting older and you’d think he’d be too cool for me by now, but he still loves me and I’m really happy about it.

Next we have Ryan (aka RyRy or Rye Bread). He is 16 now, I think, and completely hilarious. When we were in the ocean he started naming the waves on a scale of how big they are. For example, the biggest waves were “kahuna’s,” medium waves were “tahini’s,” and there was an assortment of different names like “pepperchini’s” and “fettechini’s.”

Then there’s Aunt Robin, she’s one of my favorite humans on this planet. Partly because she’s a lot like my mom but mostly because she’s just the bomb. She lives in a house of crazy boys and is so patient with them and everyone else. And she always wants to hang out with us! I just love my aunt Robin so much haha. This whole thing was her idea too by the way.

There’s a 100 year old tower at this beach so it’s very photogenic and definitely social media ready. The tower is technically called ‘La Tour’ and was built in the 1920’s.

This beach is perfect if you like to go to the beach to swim and float in the water. The waves break right at the shoreline so you can just wade out in the waves for 6 feet and then your just in the swell. It was so fun, lately I haven’t really swam at the beach I’ve

just hung out on the shore and only went into the water up to my knees.

So this was so fun and refreshing.

Victoria Beach 5


There’s also some little tide pools there where we saw some little baby crabs, muscles, and a sea anemone. Some of the pools were so magically still it was crazy, and perfect for pictures of course 😉Victoria Beach 6

It was just a delightful day with some of my favorite people.





Beware: Below are some super random and hilarious pictures from the day…they’re kind of inside jokes and you might be on the outside…sorry ’bout it…

Photo Captions: 1. Our Feet (taken specifically for Nathan Turner).   2. Survivor Champion RyRy   3. I am Moanaaaaaaaa   4. “Smile Daran”


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