Design & Color – Stance Socks Ad










This Ad was created by Stance. In 2009, Stance was created by five Southern Californian entrepreneurs who saw the potential for the overlooked design of socks. They use art an design to “…ignite a movement of art and self-expression.” They have collaborated with brands like Disney and Rihanna to create new and intriguing designs and products.











The proximity in this ad keeps the focus of the consumer towards the middle, which makes the collaboration between Disney and Stance very clear and apparent. It very clearly shows that they found inspiration for design of the socks from the dress.




All the elements are aligned towards the middle of the ad. I really like that instead of having someone with a princess dress, and then someone wearing the socks, they combined both concepts. The overlap of the “average person” and the princess dress both shows the inspiration for the socks and showcases them at the same time. This not only unifies the look of the ad but also the consumer with the inspiration.










The use of black and clean lines in this ad is where repetition comes into play. Though the typefaces and shapes in the ad are all different, the black allows for consistency among the different elements.



This ad uses the ultimate contrast of black and white to highlight the message and inspiration for the sock design. They also managed to make the background neutral enough to not interfere with the main elements of the design, but prominent enough to make the white and black stand out more.





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