Personal Manifesto

IMG_20170625_133501_257My social media objectives are to truthfully represent who I am, show my morals through the way I live and what I post, and to create engaging content.

I feel the need to truthfully represent who I am because so many people on social media nowadays just want to portray the best parts of themselves and their “perfect looking” lives. I feel like we need that sense of authenticity to be able to relate to our audience and create content that they will be interested in. Honesty and transparency is something I really believe in and it would be like a breath of fresh air to the rest of the internet.


I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I have never been one of those people that just shoves the church in peoples faces 24/7. I’m a firm believer in “practicing what you preach” and just living by what you believe without forcing other people to do the same. I hope that living by the things that I learn as a member of this church will manifest itself in my media usage and content I create.

SurferI have been creating content for years and I love using photography and graphics to communicate with others. The trick though, is to not just create content, but to make it engaging and have a purpose. I am fairly good at creating the content, now I really need to work on the purpose and engaging part.

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