Reverse Engineer Post: Poppy Deyes

I chose to “Reverse Engineer” Poppy Deyes’ brand because it’s the kind of direction I want to take my brand, more of a lifestyle almost journal-like brand.

What are the brand design strengths? The brand is clearly tailored to three specific areas: Travel, Food, and Lifestyle. Her website and social media outlets, like Instagram, all display her brand’s main focus in a way that allows customers and readers to easily know what she’s about and learn more. It’s also visually appealing, with clean lines and pictures that are vivid, sharp, and light.1 Reverse Engineer Post Draw Overs-01

What are the brand design weaknesses?  The only weakness is that the design is almost too plain. The logo isn’t memorable or unique, it’s just her initials in a san serif font. If I were to see it elsewhere, I wouldn’t realize it’s hers.2-01

What is the brand trying to accomplish with its design?  It seems it is trying to create a clean and inviting atmosphere while still being easy to navigate and use. Also, when incorporating paid promotions into her social media and blog posts, I think she tries to incorporate it into the environment she’s created. I think that’s effective because people are there to see the content and environment she’s curated, so instead of shoving an ad in their faces, she seamlessly makes it her own. This is not easily or well done in a lot of other settings which makes her brand more enticing.

3Reverse Engineer Post Draw Overs-02

What metrics will be used to determine if the brand is successful?  The best ways to determine if it’s successful is to look at the traffic from the brand’s website, along with the amounts of likes, shares, and retweets on her social media.

4Reverse Engineer Post Draw Overs-03.jpg

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